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Fashion vocabulary has always been characterized by French language, but nowadays it seems to be cooler and trendier thanks to the use of English expressions and technical words to describe fabrics, pieces of clothing, shapes and colors.

We are talking about a real English restyling of the fashion vocabulary.

Here some examples:

  • fuseaux –> leggins
  • paillettes –> glitter
  • culottes –> slip/boxer

Moreover, there are 7 English words that are essential to know if you are interested in fashion.

  • Nude look: it is characterized by transparent clothing that allows us to glimpse the body shape. Nude look is linked to color nude which represents all those color shades such as ‘cipria’ (pale pink) and beige “matching” the skin color.
  • Old-fashioned: it is the English translation of demode which doesn’t necessarily mean out of style, no longer fashionable. An old-fashioned item of clothing, indeed, is inspired by a past trend and someone considers it also as a vintage
  • Ready to wear: it is the English translation of Prêt-à-porter and it refers to clothes that are sold in standardized sizes and not made-to-measure.
  • Fast fashion: it concerns all the brands, such as Zara – H&M – Bershka, that deliver their pieces of clothing to the consumer in a very short delivery time.
  • Capsule collection: its aim is to offer the consumer a collection made up of clothes that can be matched in different ways.
  • Must have: it refers to something you can’t live without if you always want to be trendy.
  • Clutch: probably you know this accessory as pochette; the English clutch is a small bag without handles perfect for a dinner out.

 This new vocabulary of fashion is definitely reaching more international consumers and it perfectly fits what fashion means: show something new that none has ever seen or heard of!