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Hello!! ENGLISH SCHOOL wishes to improve our students accent in order to boost their English communicative skills.

This month of February is special in the United States. February is known as "Black History" month. This February is even more special for many African Americans due to a movie. In February, the new Marvel "Black Panther" was released to critical acclaim. Besides being a tremendous action movie, it is a cultural phenomenon. It is the first superhero movie with a predominantly black cast. The particularity of this movie and the one that interests Hello!!ENGLISH SCHOOL language learners is Chadwick Boseman's; ability to master the West African accent.

For many, there is a misconception that accents cannot be altered, this is proven to be false, given that many actors like Boseman have been able to imitate and master accents within their roles.

At Hello!! ENGLISH SCHOOL, in order to improve our students accent, we have them listening to their target language and audience.

One peculiar example that I found interesting and mind blowing was Wagner Moura's ability to not only learn a new language in just three months but to pick up the accent. Moura, a native Brazilian, didn't know any Spanish before agreeing to play the infamous Pablo Escobar in the Netflix series "Narcos". For his role, Moura traveled to Medellin in order to learn Spanish and pick up on the Antiochian accent.

The most impressive feature in at Hello!!ENGLISH SCHOOL is the speed at which our students are able to learn English from scratch. In just three months they gain the necessary skills to reach a fine standard of communicative competence.

Like in the movies, some actors go so deep into there roles that they often forget there initial accent. Famous British actor Gary Oldman is one of those people. He is famous for his ability to take on a different accent almost every movie. He was born in London but you'll often hear him act with an American accent or even a Romanian one when he played Count Dracula.

The moral of the story is that at Hello!! ENGLISH SCHOOL all our students can improve their accent. It's about exposing yourself to the accent and its various intonations. Of course, like anything else, one needs to practice his/her new accent. Actors have an ability to focus and immerse themselves completely in their roles and At Hello!! ENGLISH SCHOOL we feel we can lead our students to develop that same ability.

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