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It is always interesting and beneficial to read a large variety of topics to expand our knowledge.
In this blog we will be diving into some amazing science facts and cool experiments we might
not have known about.
Plus, isn’t it great to learn about many different things while learning a language, or even just
for entertainment?
Let’s jump right into it!
Amazing Science Facts:
Here are a couple amazing scientific facts that I hope will inspire you to learn something new
every day.

There is enough DNA in the average person’s body to stretch from the sun to Pluto
and back 17 times. Wow! Isn’t this shocking? At times we don’t even realize all of the
organisms, cells and molecules that our body contains. We see our beautiful and unique
exteriors but what’s on the inside of each and every one of us, is astonishing!

In an entire lifetime, the average person walks the equivalent of five times around the
world. Have you ever thought of how big planet Earth is? Probably not, right? We’re so
used to seeing small globes, maps and online Google Earth that we can’t actually
imagine how massive the world is. Oh well, little did we know, we will probably walk
around it about five times.

Grasshoppers have ears in their bellies. Let’s not forget about insects. How little do we
know about them? And only because we don’t quite ever study much mites unless we
actually want to specialize on this subject or deepen our knowledge. Have you ever
imagined how bizarre these creatures could be?

Website addresses such as https://hellosalamanca.es/ are known by the term
Uniform Resource Locater (URL). People who speak other languages and never learn
English might not ever know this. As a matter of fact, even English speakers might not
know it, but don’t you think its cool? So basically, website addresses help us locate the
resource that we’re willing to know more about.
Now that you know some curious data about diverse science topics, that belong to
particular science fields, you might want to continue reading things about this range.
Cool Science Experiments:
Although science can be a little intimidating, it is also very fun. There are plenty of
experiments you can do at home. You might even have a few of the materials just lying
around the house.

Tornado in a bottle. All you need is two bottles, a tube to connect the bottles, and
some water. When you whirl the liquid in the top bottle, it creates a vortex as it
drains into the bottom bottle. That's because as the water flows down, air must flow
up, creating a spiraling tornado. Plus, this experiment can come in handy to empty
bottles faster when you’re cleaning them or when you’d like to refill them.

Gooey slime. When you mix glue, water, and a little bit of food coloring, then add
some borax, a gooey slime forms.

Rainbow in a glass. This experiment takes advantage of density to create a rainbow
in a glass. When you add sugar to a liquid, it causes the solution to become denser. If
you have four different solutions that are all different colors and densities, the
colors will layer on top of each other

Do you feel like a scientist yet? You can also, always make your own home garden from
the seeds to the final growth and log it, follow the process, etc.
All in all, science really is amazing, huh? There are so many things we don’t know, it’s
always fun to get sneak peeks that might wake our senses into new interests.

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