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Hello to all our amazing readers!

As you can see by this week’s topic, we are going to be talking about very very sweet and yummy candy, for sweet souls.

So many countries have their specific traditions and their own foods, this also applies for candies and delicious desserts.

In Spain, we have some classic popular goodies that we’d love to share with you guys.

  • “Fresquito” by Fiesta:
    A piece of candy that had it all. Lollipop, “pica pica” and its dose of messiness to keep you distracted for a while. The most awesome thing was to dip the lollipop and then using your finger to manage all the “pica pica” that was left over from the bag.
  • “Sugus” by Wrigley Company:

They’re chewy, gooey and have so many flavors. They’re very similar to American Starbursts. In Spain, it is the most precious candy that can be thrown at you on a parade (for example, Three Kings), whether you’re 20, 30 or 60 years old, you rush for them as if there were no tomorrow claiming «it’s for the child…» but not even you buy that excuse!

  • “Kojak” by Fiesta:

Such a tasty lollipop. Buying one would cost you 3 more times than any other piece of candy, but it was worth it. As soon as the lollipop was coming to its end and the gum started was brutal.

There are so many more varieties of candies in this country, even chocolates like Christmas classic “turron”. We have such a sweet tooth.

Also, there are some very famous movies and books related to this topic, which we highly recommend if you haven’t watched or read them already: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Hansel and Gretel, The Legend of the Candy Cane, etc.

As always, we’ll also share with you guys some super sweet candy facts!

  • Candy is simply made by dissolving sugar in water. The different heating levels determine the types of candy: Hot temperatures make hard candy; medium heat will make soft candy and cool temperatures make chewy candy.
  • Candies that primarily consist of peppermint and mint, such as, candy canes, have digestive benefits. Peppermint oil can help soothe an upset stomach by creating defense against irritable bowel syndrome and is effective in killing germs.
  • Halloween is the celebration when most candy is eaten in almost all countries, due to Trick or Treating!

We hope that you’ve enjoyed this topic and that you are now craving some candy yourserlves. What is your favorite piece of candy and why? Could you leave it in the comment section?

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