Career-aligned English training for the leaders of tomorrow

Career-aligned English training for the leaders of tomorrow
Hello!! ENGLISH SCHOOL is the only English learning solution that supports your company’s language goals while delivering EXPERTS IN TEACHING ENGLISH.

Hello Salamanca pedagogy team consists of an expert team of professionals in second language acquisition and teachers with years of experience in both distance learning and classroom settings. We know what the research and data say about the best ways to teach English, and we’re here to share our expertise with you to ensure your ideal curriculum.





Hello!! ENGLISH SCHOOL program is personalized for each user and customized for each corporate client.


At Hello!! ENGLISH SCHOOL we deliver unmatched user engagement, learning outcomes and results.

Designed to meet the needs of the corporate market

Understand the true English proficiency level of your new hires, employees and contractors, aligned with global proficiency standards.


We give  employees access to personalized units based on authentic content and current events media and group classes.


Prepare your business leaders with custom career-aligned and company-specific English courses along with private classes.


Hire our certified, native English-speaking teachers to give private online classes to your key performers.

Custom solutions

You need a flexible online solution that works as well for your company as it does for your learners. We offer a full suite of customization services to optimize your curriculum offerings, branding, data management and system integration tools.

Content Integration

Leverage Hello!!ENGLISH SCHOOL cutting-edge technology by delivering your internal corporate materials as English training through our system. We also support the addition of custom lessons, activities and reference materials that will only be accessible to your employees, including the creation of sequenced units that meet your exact training requirements.

Increased engagement

Hello!!ENGLISH SCHOOL has developed an engagement marketing program grounded in data to make sure learners remain active and engaged for longer. Learners receive personalized emails and notifications with the encouraging support they need to stay on track and extra guidance to improve their level.

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