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Thanksgiving in the USA

A History It all started with a ship called the Mayflower in 1620. The people who decided to give everything up in the home country and sail across the sea became known as the pilgrims. All they desired was the ability to practice religion freely. After arriving in Massachusetts, the pilgrims struggled to survive for…
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3 Tips for Learning English

  Learn Key Vocabulary and Phrases First   Start by learning the most basic words and phrases that people use in everyday conversation! Questions and phrases about their day, where they live and work, how to ask for things at a restaurant or store, family, friends, times, dates, weather, etc. Learning key vocab words and…
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Why should you learn a new language?

English is becoming more and more prominent throughout the world, turning into the universal language. It is the language of internet, finance, and air traffic control. But why learn a new language? It has more benefits than just being able to communicate with someone in another country. John McWhorter at TED2016 states four important reasons…
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