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The world is big, very big: different people, places, habits and customs. Do you know any interesting facts that really help make our world a fun place to live?

In Germany, for example, you could see people knocking on their table rather than clapping to applaud at the end of a master class or a really good meeting. In Beer-land, clapping is reserved for theatre and concerts!

In France if you are drinking a red wine and want to change to white wine, please don’t pour it in the same glass without cleaning it beforehand… if you don’t want to be the laughingstock of the party.

In some Asian Countries such as China, Korea or Japan, a sign of approval and appreciation of someone’s cooking is to slurp the soup loudly, what is considered rude in most western countries. However, in Japan don’t blow your nose loudly! It is considered very rude. If you need to clean your nose, do it in privately or turn your back to your companions before doing it.

In England there’s a traditional Cheese rolling competition in Gloucestershire, the Southern England. This is an annual event on Cooper’s Hill: you try to run faster than the rolling cheese from the top of a relatively steep hill. Are you wondering if there is a possibility that people get hurt? According to the warning sign placed on the spot: «Cheese rolling is a dangerous activity for both participants and spectators».

The New Years Eve is yet something even more special in the South of Italy. For example in Naples, people tend throw stuff (such as plates, glasses…) out of the window at midnight.

In Latvia you should avoid giving shoes or socks for present. And why is that so? Generally, it’s believed the person to whom you give them would walk out of your life. Since we prefer to keep our friends and beloved ones close to us, it might be a better idea to choose something else for a gift to your Latvian pal.

The Argentinians love to drink mate, a sort of a traditional and popular tea beverage. What’s weird about this is that several traffic accidents occur when people are driving a car with a special mate pot on their hands! The local government has even tried to set a law forbidding people to drink mate while driving.

India is a large country with enormous cultural diversity and thus holds several types of interesting traditions and customs. Have you heard for example about smashing coconuts on the head at Aadi Festival in Tamil Naju? Priests can smash coconuts on the devotees heads to bring good luck and health.

Are you planning your next trip? Do you know what were the most visited countries in the Word in 2019?

  1. France, 86.9 million people
  2. Spain, 81.8 million people
  3. The United States of America, 76.9 million people
  4. China, 60.7 million people
  5. Italy, 58.3 million people
  6. Mexico, 39.3 million people
  7. The United Kingdom, 37.7 million people
  8. Turkey, 37.6 million people
  9. Germany, 37.5 million people
  10. Thailand, 35.4 million people