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Salamanca has a sizable population (about 180,000), which allows it to offer students the advantages of a city. At the same time, however, this small population allows Salamanca to provide an intimate feeling that gives the impression of a village or town rather than a city. Add to that the number of college students that regularly spend the school year in the city, and you have the recipe for a university town, Spanish style.

Inhabitants of Salamanca speak Castilian (Castellano) Spanish without the regional dialects or accents that are common in many other areas of Spain. It is therefore an ideal location for those who wish to study Spanish in its ‘purest’ form. This might explain why the oldest Spanish language university in the world is located there. Salamanca also tends to be off the beaten track for tourists so there are less of the influences associated with tourism and modern development that have affected many of the other cities in Spain. These aspects of the city have combined to make it a particularly appealing place for those wishing to study Spanish and experience Spanish culture.

In the academic programme the distribution of students is carried out in small groups that can always count on the help of teachers specialised in the teaching of Spanish. The duration of the courses, organised according to the level of the students, can be from two weeks up to six months.

Studying Spanish in Salamanca allows foreign students to learn a language in an ideal setting: in the home of an ever more universal language, enjoying unforgettable experiences that make what is learned in the daily classes easily assimilated. In general, the programme will make the students gradually acquire and develop, according to the level in which they have gained entry, the following linguistic skills:oral comprehension, written comprehension, oral expression, written expression.

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