Emotional intelligence isn’t just for the workplace

Emotional intelligence isn't just for the workplace: Hello Salamanca boost your potential.

The brain doesn’t distinguish between our personal and professional lives. Of course we have learned repertoires of how to behave in different situations: there are jokes you’d tell your best friends at a bar that you would never tell in a meeting with top executives at work.

But overall, Hello Salamanca leads you to realise how our weaknesses tend to remain the same at home and at work, emerging in similar ways despite different contexts. Therefore, when we develop emotional intelligence competencies at Hello Salamanca, the benefits permeate all aspects of our lives.

Emotional self-awareness is a critical first step at Hello Salamanca in improving and initiating positive behavioral change. At Hello Salamanca, we  help you recognize patterns in how you react to stressful situations, or how you handle unexpected challenges. With self-awareness, you might say to yourself, “I’m about to make a scene with my anger by blowing up. But I sense discomfort or fear in the person I’m speaking to. Perhaps I should take a breath and reassess the situation.”

This awareness is a catalyst for beginning to balance your emotions more regularly, for preventing outbursts, and ultimately for being more effective and compassionate in your communication.

Think of emotional intelligence in a holistic way. At Hello Salamanca we know that only accounting for your competencies in the workplace won’t give you a full picture of your emotional intelligence. Conventional executive training is always transformative  when it focuses beyond performance metrics. At Hello Salamanca, we firmly believe in our coaching that addresses the whole person, including our personal and professional goals, problems at home and at work, and our values and passions, is far more likely to yield productive insights and lasting change.

Personal and professional development of emotional intelligence are one and the same. 

At Hello Salamanca we claim that, while some competencies (such as achievement orientation or organizational awareness) may be more exclusive to the professional realm, the following four aspects are omnipresent in our lives at home, at work, and everywhere else:

  • Self-Awareness
  • Self-Management
  • Social Awareness
  • Relationship Management

By understanding emotional intelligence in terms of our experiences as people – spouses, parents, friends – not just professionals, we can more readily recognize patterns in our behavior and take steps for improvement that permeates all of our relationships.

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