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Cambridge Exams

You prepare to reach your best level of English

Kids lessons

We offer lessons for all age groups

One to One lessons

Private lessons offered to prepare you intensely and improve your specific level

Business English

If you cannot come here we offer Skype lessons

Skype lessons

Si no puedes desplazarte, te ofrecemos nuestras 'Skype lessons'.

Summer trips abroad

We organize language immersion trips in the UK as well as USA

In house lessons

If you prefer, we can come to your company as well

Summer camps

We organize trips for kids to learn in English speaking countries

French lessons

Yes, we also offer French classes!

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  • Lucía Recio 31.03.2015

    My son has been studying at Hello School for 11 years, and he is now 14! That says it all.

    Le academy has shown year by year that they provide a very good level of English, of vocabulary, and I think the listening and conversation is a very natural form.  The results and progress I’ve seen day by day are fundamental to his future.

    I personally do not understand the methods of learning English. What I do know is how well Alvaro has improved and how well he can speak English.  Therefore I see how easy and well taught English is at this institute.

  • Lucía Fernández 27.08.2015

    I studied at this academy for more than more year and my experience was very positive.

    The classes are entertaining and fun, they are not the typical boring grammar classes.  The teachers speak in English all the time and it is helpful that all the teachers speak native English.

  • Alvaro Salgado Modino 25.01.2017

    ”If you need to learn English and to interact with English speaking students in a motivating and pleasant environment Hello! English is your academy. Teachers have a long professional experience; using a great variety of didactic resources and new methodologies that motivate students. Another of its strengths is personalized attention, since at any time you can approach to make an appointment and most importantly, they advise you on the type of examination to carry out, to boost your professional career. If you want to learn English and reach new goals, I think it’s the right academy.’

  • Belinda Delgado Barrientos 25.01.2017

    ‘I have been during one year at this academy and I have loved it. For work reasons I left Salamanca but if I will definitely return and I am sure I will return to Hello, I was really happy there. I have learned and i have enjoyed a lot, his people, the location, without a doubt the best place to learn English in Salamanca’

  • Estrella Toral 25.01.2017

    “Thanks to Hello academy, I have regained my enthusiasm for studying English. I have retaken up my English studies in a practical and funny way. They are always concerned about the best method in order to improve your knowledge of English language. They also have many schedules and great flexibility to adapt to all situations and all type of student. Its location is unbeatable, and their kindness and great care are incomparable. I am really grateful to them, because I have learned a lot in the best way”

  • Gonzalo Sánchez 25.01.2017

    ”Hello academy is, possibly, the best place to learn English in Salamanca. Not only by the location, experience and high level of professionality of its teachers, but also for the kindness and great care shown since the very first moment. They are continuously concerned about your improvement in the language and offer different type of methods in order to learn in a much easier way. They also pay attention to your particular case and treat you with individualized help so you can achieve your goals. I’m really pleased with the time I have been studying there and hope the best for the academy, I’m sure they will go on exponentially growing!”

  • Angelina A Demidovich 25.01.2017

    My experience at Hello!! English school was nothing short but amazing! Whether I was learning Spanish with the rest of the students, or volunteering to teach English, I was always having fun and building friendships for a life time! And the fact that it is located so close to the Plaza is just another one of the school’s jewels!

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Hello Salamanca English School prepara a sus alumnos para superar los examenes de Cambridge , tanto en su versión paper based como en su versión computer based, con una periodicidad de mas de una convocatoria mensual.
En Hello Salamanca English School nos lo pasamos bien!!! Nos gusta trabajar en positivo para formar con la mejor calidad. No nos gusta aburrirte con la gramática, pero no huimos de ella.
Sabemos que la única forma de aprender inglés es escuchando cómo lo hablan los nativos. Por eso, nos preocupamos de que en tus clases siempre haya algún inglés, norteamericano o australiano para que vayas haciéndote a todos los acentos.

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