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Summer is the most loved season of the year; summer means holiday and during holiday many people try to find ways to stay cool in the heat and others to get outdoors and away from routine.

If you go on holiday abroad, you will probably have to speak in english and for this reason you will need these expressions to stay cool even while talking to other people.

  • Catch some rays

it means: to sit or lie outside in the sun; to sunbathe and get tanned

  • Travel on a shoestring

it means: to travel with a very small amount of money because you are trying to save money

  • Dog days of summer

it means: the hottest days of summer; the hottest time of the year.

  • Off the beaten path

it means: a place where few people go,  that is not frequently visited and is not well-known because it is not the typical tourist attractions

  • Beat the heat

it means: to avoid the heat of summer; to make oneself cooler or go to a place to stay cool, especially during hot days in summer.

  • Soak up the (some) sun

it means: to enjoy the sun; to sit outside in the sun.

Now you’re ready to leave for summer holidays and to make new friends all over the world!