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Happy Thanksgiving!!  This Thursday, November 28th, is Thanksgiving in the United States. Here at HELLO! Salamanca, we are celebrating by partaking in class activities as well as talking about traditions on our radio show. Last Thursday, Super Intern Lily talked about Thanksgiving Day and the history behind the holiday. You can find and download the show at: http://radio.usal.es/programa/babel-ingles/ 

Typically, families gather on Thanksgiving day to enjoy a feast with the main course being turkey. This tradition is to commemorate and celebrate when the first American settlers had a successful harvest. The settlers shared a large meal together using all of the crops they had harvested and the animals they hunted. This meal is considered to be the first Thanksgiving! 

Today, Thanksgiving is a time for family and friends to spend time together over a delicious meal. This holiday is meant to ‘give thanks’ for what one is grateful for in their life. Many families will also practice the tradition of going around the table and saying what each person is grateful for that year. Some people have even started the tradition of having a ‘friendsgiving’ to celebrate Thanksgiving during the same week with their friends. 

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