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New Year’s is always a fun time for everyone, as the fun of Christmas has just ended, we have one more holiday where we can celebrate with family and friends! New Year’s is a holiday where we can look back at everything we have accomplished and done in the past year, and get ready to celebrate what is to come in the new year. A lot of people look at it as a new, fresh start, and some look at it as a time to continue their success they have had in the previous year.
Usually this holiday is celebrated with family and friends, parties, food, drink, decorations, dressing up, etc. It is a very festive holiday that everybody loves. Not only do people have their own parties, but major cities like Chicago, Miami, Las Vegas, and one of the biggest, New York City, throw huge parties that are broadcasted on TV with singers, dancers, performances, etc. Everyone always gets together on New Year’s Eve to watch the ball drop, which happens at midnight, and everyone goes crazy! Kissing, hugging, celebrating, and of course more partying! In the major cities, there are usually fireworks as well. Champagne is usually the drink that people have, as it is a drink made for celebrations.
A lot of people also set goals for themselves for the new year that they would like to achieve. It is a wonderfully amazing holiday that keeps the holiday spirit alive after Christmas. Happy holidays and a happy New Year from the Hello!! family!