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Happy October! As some of you may know, the entire month of October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. This campaign is known all around the world because it is internationally recognized. Many organizations and charities around the world use this month to raise even more awareness than they already do, and try to increase the donations and money raised for the prevention and research of the disease.




There are always many ways people can help during this month (and every month)! There are big things you can do to help and also very little things you can do–but both will make a huge difference. Of course, one of the main things you can do is donate money to charities and organizations in order to help them with their research and prevention of the disease. Also, possibly some of the most popular events during this month are all of the races/walks, that towns and cities hold all around the world (including many in Spain as well)! This is a great way to raise money from family and friends, while also participating in the event together along with many other people who also want to make a difference. It is definitely a good way to bring a lot of people together who are all participating for a good cause.




The official color of the ribbon for Breast Cancer is pink, which is why you will see a lot of people wearing that color during the course of the month, during the walks/races, and sometimes even painting pink ribbons on their hands. All of this to raise awareness. Many famous places all around the world will also participate in showing the color pink. For example, the White House has illuminated the color pink over the entire house before, and also here in Salamanca, the color pink can be seen illuminated over the main clock area of the Plaza Mayor!




Feliz Octubre! Como algunos de ustedes pueden saben, el mes todo de Octubre es el mes de La Conciencia del Cáncer de Mama. Esta campaña está conocida alrededor del mundo porque está reconocido internacionalmente. Muchas organizaciones y caridades alrededor del mundo usan este mes a concienciar más sobre esta cosa, más que se saben todavía y tratar a aumentar los donativos y dinero recaudado por la prevención de la enfermedad.

Hay muchas cosas que uno se puede hacer para ayudar, incluyendo la recaudación de dinero, y participar en los paseos por el Cáncer de Mama. También, muchas ciudades iluminan por la enfermedad, ¡incluyendo La Casa Blanca y La Plaza Mayor aquí en Salamanca!