Learn Spanish


Situated in the center of the city. We have experience of 18 years teaching languages, and for that we have a methodology and dynamic of our own. Our objective is that you enjoy the language and class while you’re learning. Facilities at Hello include, computer facilities, a student association, drama group, and cultural exchange. We also offer a VOLUNTEER PROGRAM you can join us as a volunteer and get your own certificate. More than 100 students got it!

Linguistic Update Course (special option for Erasmus students)

In collaboration with ESN, Erasmus Student Association.


This intensive Spanish language course, which is open to everyone but specifically aimed at Erasmus students, is designed to consolidate and advance students’ knowledge of Spanish, allowing them to build confidence and fluency, whatever their level. A perfect complement to immersive language learning, it will also help students with whatever other subjects they are studying in college.